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A Win for Flex and Remote Work!


TGIF and Happy Friday!  Hope all our friends in the Southeast are faring well through Dorian.  Many of our team are in Florida, Charleston, Wilmington and other parts of eastern North Carolina, so sending extra love and support to them this week!


We are excited to share that we are one of the 100 fastest growing, privately held companies in Philadelphia (the Philly 100®)!  We are super proud of this win, and while it's a big deal to us, even more importantly this is an incredible win for the flex & remote work movement

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Make a Commitment to "Good Enough"


TGIF, Happy Friday and hello from the coast of North Carolina, where a group from Team Delegate has assembled for our annual retreat. Given that we are a 100% remote, distributed team, this year's retreat is really exciting for us because we have the opportunity to spend face time with the members of our NC contingent of Delegate.

This month I've been thinking a lot about commitment.  It could be because my fiancee and I just added another dog (third!!) to our family that commitment is heavy on my mind!  Or, perhaps it's my own personal evolution of hanging in there even when things are not "perfect" because I made a commitment to do so.  Either way, honoring our commitments is not always the easy choice, but it is a mindset shift that brings with it personal growth, stability and consistency.

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How to Move From Make it Up to Make it Real


TGIF, Happy Friday and happy Independence Day!

As Visionaries, our greatest contribution is our ability to see our companies as globally as possible. We are uniquely able to understand and prioritize the most pressing needs, and then design creative solutions to to move forward.

I don't know how this process typically works for you, but for me it's typically super-organic and instinctual. Once we identify the problem, I give myself the space to creatively think about how we might solve it. Or sometimes, I'm not even thinking about it at all, and the answer suddenly just comes to me. What a feeling, right? :)

The challenge then lies in how to take this idea and model it, build it, test it and roll it out. This is where our team can become a true complement to our abilities. I follow a simple process to make my ideas real:

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How to Take a Sabbatical From Your Business


TGIF, Happy Friday! I am back in the office this week, fresh off a 3 week sabbatical-- my first! It was quite detoxifying and I am happy to report it was also a success. Thanks to a lot of planning, delegation and accountability, I was able to completely step away from running my business for three whole weeks and watch it run without me... and nothing blew up! It was divinely indulgent. Want to do the same?

Below are my tips to make this happen:

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Celebrating Your Independence!

According to Entrepreneur magazine, their readers overwhelmingly cited “independence” as a main motivation for pursuing entrepreneurship. Not surprising considering autonomy is one of our fundamental human needs! To celebrate Independence day this year, take a moment to remember why you pursued entrepreneurship and working for yourself in the first place!

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Being Intentional

Happy Independence Day-- or as we entreps like to think of it, “Independent’s Day!” July 4th represents what entrepreneurship is all about-freedom! Freedom to try new things, to create something beautiful from nothing, and freedom to just be as awesome as you want! Most importantly, freedom to spend our time as we like. As the days and weeks continue to fly by, it’s easy to get lost in the momentum of it all; easy to lose track of our visions and goals both professional and personally. This is where being intentional with how we focus our energy becomes critical.
“Intentional” simply implies that purposeful planning is involved. While this may be clear in our professional lives, it’s just as important in our personal lives. For me, since I only have one child- Nathan (pictured to the right) I’m constantly thinking about how quickly he is growing up-- he’s 6 already! As the time is flying I’m working hard to be intentional with our time together. We spent
some time this past week creating our “Summer Bucket List”. A lengthy list of all the things we want to accomplish this summer, including: teaching him how to ride a 2 wheeler, learning how to play dominoes, going lobstering and even writing an illustrated book together about our 2 cats! Take care to use all of your time in a way that will help achieve your purposes.
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