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Tax Law Changes for Small Businesses in 2020


Small Business Tax Laws for 2020

Welcome to 2020! Are you ready for tax season? As a small business owner, your time is money, and with so much on your plate, we thought we’d bring you a quick overview of changes in tax laws for 2020 that you may not be aware of. In this thorough review from , we found some very useful tips and updates that apply to most small business owners. Here are some key takeaways:

There are some important deadlines to keep in mind:

  • S-corps must file their business taxes by March 15.
  • The deadline for 2020 tax returns is April 15.
  • Quarterly estimated tax deadlines are due April 15, June 15, Sept. 15 and Jan. 15
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The Importance of Diversity in the Workplace


Diversity in the Workplace

Here’s a quick read about Aflac’s success of celebrating women in the workplace and the benefits of diversity amongst any organization. Here are the highlights:

Great businesses thrive on diverse workforces, as women founders and senior executives know firsthand. Diversity starts with hiring practices, but extends to creating a culture of inclusion in which diverse backgrounds and viewpoints are embraced.Diversity also requires addressing the unique, practical issues of women at every level in the workplace. A key piece is offering benefits packages that meet women's needs, freeing them from worry so they can focus their full attention on work.

Hiring for Diversity
Among the advantages of a diverse workforce are better business performance, increased customer satisfaction and improved employee satisfaction.

Commitment at the Top
Commitment to diversity must start at the highest levels, with leaders setting the tone and showing the way.

Policies that Support Inclusion
An inclusive environment doesn't guarantee success, but it does provide the environment for talented people to flourish and prove themselves.

Benefits to Meet Diverse Needs
Benefits packages are a powerful way for your company's commitment to diversity to touch employees every day. And today's workers are not just looking for health insurance, dental and vision coverage. Supplemental benefits are just as critical when it comes to financial security, quality of life and peace of mind. - INC

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Getting Back to the Grind After Vacation, Recession-Proofing Your Company Now, and First-Hire Must-Have Attributes


10 Ways to Get Back to the Grind After Vacation

Vacations are awesome. They're also beneficial, allowing you to restock energy reserves, boost happiness, calm your mind and even lower your risk of heart attack, all of which can help make you a better leader. You know what’s not awesome? Trying to relocate the zone after returning from vacation. But if you implement the following 10 tips, you’ll get back in the workflow in no time. 

  • Prepare Before You Go
  • Take a Buffer Day
  • Jump Back into Your Routine
  • Review Your Calendar
  • Pace Yourself
  • Delegate What You Can
  • Zone in on Your “Why”
  • Remove Any Distractions
  • Bring Your Vacation Back With You
  • Plan Your Next Getaway

So, here we are, after Labor Day, and back at it. This quick read gives us tips on how to really get back at it after vacation! - Entrepreneur


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The Cost of Churn in Small Business


Another summer is now in the books, and wow, what an intense summer it's been for us here at Delegate. My team has been pushed to the max as we’ve navigated some really tricky stuff! Collectively, we showed up and pulled together as a team to help out. I’m proud and grateful for each of my team members! 

As an entrepreneur, finding and retaining talent is one of the most crucial parts of growing your business. Because we have small teams, getting it right equates to growth and getting it wrong leads down a cyclic path of lost energy spent hiring, training and re-training. All of which kills productivity and profitability, costing us time (limited), money (limited) and leading to burnout (boo!).

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