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Two Problems, One Solution


Have you ever needed to get something done that’s hard to get started? Have you ever started working on a project only to be distracted by the many things in your environment? Yes, we all have at one time or another and I found a great solution. has helped me increase productivity and get more things done by helping me get started and keeping me focused on the task at hand. To use it, you'll need to start the free 30 day trial.

Here’s how I’ve been using it:

  1. On, select your music preference from the drop down on the upper right of screen. Try a few to find one or two you like. There’s a special one for those with ADHD. I like Focus Spa.
  2. Click and hold the clock in the top center, left of the play button, until Timer Duration comes up. Choose the length of time you would like to spend on that task you have been avoiding. I recommend 10 minutes to get started. We know that just getting started can be the hardest thing to do. Focus@Will helps you get started.
  3. Click the play button. As the music plays, do your work and keep going until the music stops. The music drowns out other distractions so you can stay focused.
  4. When the music stops, add 10 more minutes (or 20 or 30) and keep going.

Another great way to use this tool is to just hit play and have it on while you’re working at your desk. This alone will help to drown out distractions and you will find that you have accomplished more than you might have otherwise.

Focus@Will has more features than described here and well worth checking out. It's surprisingly effective and based on scientific research--available on their website.

This one tool has increased my productivity in a significant way and I hope that you have success with it as well.

Kathryn, Delegate Team Member




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