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Utilize Shortcuts and ClickUp to Increase Productivity


Screenshot at Oct 30 17-22-22Shortcuts is an automation app that delivers a quick way to get things done with your apps with just a tap or by asking Siri. Shortcuts replaces Apple’s old Workflow app and makes Siri more powerful and useful than ever before.

The Shortcuts app enables you to create personal shortcuts with multiple steps from your favorite apps. You can start from hundreds of examples in the Gallery or drag and drop to create your own. By recording custom phrases and adding them to Siri’s repertoire, you can trigger a sequence of actions involving multiple apps. Shortcuts includes over 300 built-in actions and works with many of your favorite apps including Contacts, Calendar, Maps, Music, Photos, Camera, Reminders, Safari, Health as well as any app that supports Siri Shortcuts. 

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0ClickUp is a simple, intuitive, cloud-based project management tool that features communication and collaboration tools along with task assignment and statuses. Users can assign tasks to team members, add comments and mark items as in progress or resolved. Completely customizable, ClickUp lets you view projects and tasks in three different, enabling you to choose how your tasks should be displayed. This functionality fuels your creativity and improves your productivity, resulting in getting more things done and projects delivered on schedule.

ClickUp is designed for businesses of all sizes and industries and has multiple native and external integrations available. Available for free with unlimited users and unlimited projects with 100 MB storage or upgrade to unlimited storage and advanced reporting feature for $5 per user per month. 




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