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Watch me Delegate my Email!

Let’s talk numbers. 6,588: That's the number of unread emails sitting in my inbox this morning. 16: Hours I’ve spent this week “managing my email.” 120: That's the number of emails that I've got flagged in my email as open, unresolved tasks that need my attention and response.

Crazy, right? I'm not even sure when or why we started using our inboxes as our dedicated task management system, but it is a completely inefficient way to keep on top of things, not to mention a huge time suck. I literally look at my inbox and my eyes glaze over! So, this month I’m resolving to reclaim my sanity, and my time and delegate my email to my support team.

Even crazier? My Assistant, Georgia and I are going to blog about the details of how we do it so that you can easily implement what we learn as we perfect the process. You can follow along with us on this journey RIGHT HERE!

We will start with these basic strategies:

  • Email should serve one primary purpose: communication. Any action items get assigned as tasks.
  • I will be teaching my management team to communicate on internal tasks via Asana and NOT via email.
  • My management team will begin utilizing Asana internally to keep track of open tasks and accountabilities.
  • Georgia will be scanning my inbox throughout the day to respond to as much as she can on my behalf (scheduling, simple requests, personal tasks)
  • Georgia will put open tasks for me that come in via email into Asana.

Am I expecting flawless perfection tomorrow- absolutely not. But I do expect that we will work to continually perfect a system that will work for us… and reclaim a solid 10+ hours of my week! I encourage you to watch us go through this process so that you can do the same!




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