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Why We Love Dropbox and Think You Will Too

Ever wish you could make updates to your files on your laptop and save them so that both you and your assistant can view the most recent version? We’re not talking annyoing email attachments or even Google docs here (which we also love for other reasons btw!). We’re talking Dropbox: all of your files saved and syncing seamlessly across all of your devices for easy sharing with anyone! Safe and secure, with a powerful admin console you can easily setup sharing controls and know that your files are protected and backed up to the cloud.

Enough about the boring details…Here are some tips and suggestions on how to make this file sharing process easy breezy!

  • Depending on the size of account you require and the size of files your syncing, you can have this awesome tool absolutely FREE! (Larger accounts are offered at a reasonable monthly or yearly fee) Sign yourself up for an account at
  • Once your account is created, save documents to your Dropbox by clicking ‘save as’ and place your files in this location.
  • Sharing folder links is simple by right clicking on the particular folder and hitting the "share" button. Simply type in the email address of the person you’d like to share with and Voila!
  • Make sure you are not adding any special characters, spaces, or additional info that our ‘smart’ phones and computer might not recognize.
  • Any changes made by yourself or anyone else in the file will be saved automatically to that same location.
  • Multiple users in the same file may cause a conflicted copy – so be sure that there is one user making changes to save and vice versa; then the other person can enter. However, you can both view the same copy.
  • If any problems do arise, Dropbox has an awesome website full of FAQs, support pages, etc for you –or HAVE YOUR ASSISTANT DO IT!

-- Contributed by one of our awesome Delegate team members: Emily Westerfield





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