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5 Tips for Being Efficient


5 Tips for Being EfficientCan you walk and chew gum at the same time? If your answer is yes, then YOU can be efficient. Being efficient means being intentionally as productive as you can without wasting energy or effort.

Below are 5 steps you can take towards being efficient.

1. Make Lists - Make lists, make lists and make more lists! List making allows you to identify tasks with common elements or common sub tasks while keeping your “to-dos” fresh in your mind.

2. Identify - Identify tasks that rely upon each other. As you work on one task, ask yourself if there is another task that can benefit from the same information. For example: If you are writing an email to give instructions to someone and you also need to write a process document for the same topic, use that as an opportunity to draft the process document.

3. Group Tasks - If you have several small or repetitive tasks due weekly, schedule yourself to complete these tasks together at the same time each day or week. For example - phone calls are better grouped together.

4. Time blocking - Implement time blocking techniques to assist in maintaining focus. As much as multitasking is a talent, it can also be a curse. When we “hyper” multitask it can dilute our quality of work and actually slow progress of projects. 

5. Technology - Think of any challenge you have with a project. Chances are it has to do with accessing information quickly, tracking information or automating a process. There is almost always an app for that!

Contributed by our Team Member, Melissa


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