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5 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs That Make Them Candidates For Delegation


5 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs That Make Them Candidates For Delegation

Most leaders would agree with this statement: “If I could spend half as much time on half as many things, I would be twice as effective.”

Entrepreneurs and leaders feel an overwhelming need to have a strategic way to delegate that involves more than just a resource to delegate to. They also benefit from guidance and access to systems that help them delegate effectively and consistently.

Entrepreneurs excel at turning great ideas into incredible products or services. They have the unique ability to not only conceptualize but execute consistently. Both of those require free time.

Fortunately, the best entrepreneurs are hardwired for successful delegation. They not only rely on solid teams to bring their visions to life, they share key traits that make them prime candidates for an effective delegation strategy.


1. They Are Disciplined 

They bring focus and understand how their own commitment to seeing things through represents the largest part of their success. They recognize that progress is more important than perfection. They live in discipline and realize that, even when things get hard, different and new aren’t always the better choice if progress is being made.


2. They Respect Systems 

They know that business scalability is based on strong systematization with a team executing tasks with consistency. In a growing company, confusion equals chaos. This commitment to systems and process allows them to increase their leverage and impact, especially during periods of fast growth.


3. They Know That Time Is Their Most Valuable Resource 

They use this knowledge to make strategic decisions about how to clear their slates effectively and efficiently. They know that time is finite and their greatest contributions must be leveraged through the help of others.


4. They Are Accountable 

They know that accountability starts at the top. Their commitment to leading by example is evident in their own discipline to stay in their lane and respect the established plan of priorities. They appreciate having a team that holds them accountable to the stated vision, even when things get hard.


5. They Temper Themselves 

They understand that growth, while exciting and validating, can easily disrupt their ability to focus on their single most valuable contribution: their vision. A company with endlessly distracted leadership cannot contribute in meaningful ways or sustain growth over time. 


This intentional commitment to not chase shiny objects when things get hard creates a culture of focus and discipline.


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Show the Value of Their Time

When attempting to implement a delegation strategy with an entrepreneur, it’s important to help them understand their worthThey need to attribute the proper value to their time and understand the ROI of getting the help they need to better leverage themselves and increase their contributions. 

As they start to delegate successfully, encourage them to be disciplined about not refilling their finite time with more clutter just to fuel the need to stay busy. 

The traits that make entrepreneurs successful also make them ideal for a strategic delegation strategy. The challenge is showing them how valuable they and their time are. When it comes to creating more time, there are no solutions, only trade-offs. Help them free their minds, release their fears and reclaim their time through the strategic, multiplying investment of delegation.

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