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Clear Marketing That Actually Works

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Clear Marketing That Actually Works

Our guest for this #ExpertChat is Benjamin Berman. Ben is a lifelong entrepreneur who has started and sold multiple businesses. He now devotes his life to helping others get what they want from theirs by building businesses and marketing engines that just work. Listen in to our conversation to learn more!

Ben Berman


As a Certified EOS implementer and StoryBrand Guide with hundreds of client sessions under his belt, Ben began to see that companies were wasting money and missing opportunities to grow on imprecise, scattershot marketing. Business owners would dump money and time into marketing without really understanding how they would get ROI.

Even companies that had some of the total picture handled were missing key elements that prevented them from really hitting their stride.

Eventually, Ben got fed up with what he saw and decided to act.

WhatIf Marketing was born out of EOS®, Strategic Coach®, and a burning desire to ensure business owners not only got Traction in their business, but the powerful marketing and sales engines that enable sales to become self-managing.

By merging separate teams of expert marketers, sales trainers, and technologists, Ben and his partners built WhatIf to fill the needs of so many businesses who needed a missing piece to make their marketing, sales, and operations all come together.

WhatIf helps bulletproof marketing strategy, drives it through execution, trains teams on how to do it repeatedly, and automates the process so it can run on its own. They even help get their clients funded through programs so they can leverage government small business support.

By creating better, clearer marketing, putting it into execution, and supporting marketing’s implementation with technology and collateral, Ben and the team at WhatIf are able to provide entrepreneurs with the exact personalized marketing support their team needs, and nothing more. Every dollar, minute, and project goes towards only what is needed without wasteful fluff.

WhatIf Marketing clients love working with Ben and his team because they don’t only get more sales: they get more sales, for less, and then get to use their newly built machines to grow with absolutely certainty.

When he’s not working to drive growth and freedom for his clients, Ben can be found training in boxing, mentoring, or, these days, actively searching for a new rescue puppy.


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