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Positive Focus: Delegate Hits the Philly 100 - 2nd Year in a Row!

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Our Gratitude Focus: Delegate Solutions has been named a Philadelphia100 Fastest Growing Company for the second year in a row! We want to give a huge thank you to our wonderful team and our amazing clients. 

We are super proud and humbled by this win, and while it's a big deal to us, even more importantly this is an incredible win for the flex & remote work movement.  Delegate was created to operate as a 100% remote and flex work company. 

We are proud to be ambassadors for a changing workforce.  We will use our win as a platform to validate flexwork, and will continue our commitment to help reshape the culture of the traditional workforce into one that values quality and contribution over time spent behind a desk.  Thanks to everyone who has helped us achieve this incredible award!  We look forward to sharing it with you over the coming months.

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