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Exploring System & Soul

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Exploring System & Soul

On this #ExpertChat, Emily Morgan sat with Chris White and Benj Miller to discuss ways to explore the system and soul of your business. Take a listen to their insightful and fun conversation!


As a third-generation entrepreneur, Chris White grew up with a strong sense of vision and drive to build businesses with great impact.

In his 25+ years of experience, Chris successfully built four companies, but says his journey took a massive turning point when, at 44, he discovered his unique ability through the Entrepreneurial Operating System®. He now passionately pursues radically candid conversations with a relentless drive to mastery (and plenty of fun along the way) as he coaches his clients through his own operating framework, System & Soul.

As co-founder and Head Coach of System & Soul, Chris has helped over 140 companies gain skills that transform their businesses on their own path to mastery. Outside of his coaching practice, he founded and hosts the System & Soul podcast and was also a co-founder of the software, Chris lives in Orlando, FL with his wonderful wife Darlene.


Authenticity, breaking the rules, and creating clarity are the core of Benj Miller’s life and work.

He’s founded nine businesses in his 17 years of entrepreneurial experience, including a marketing agency, CRE brokerage, wine boutique, shooting range, a software company AND a coaching and training business. He’s driven by the desire to help small businesses make the greatest possible impact on the communities they serve. He now dedicates his time to helping other business owners catalyze growth through the System & Soul Framework and find game-changing breakthroughs in the process.

As an advocate for all businesses running on System & Soul, Benj also co-hosts the System & Soul podcast with Chris White. He lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife of 21 years and their four amazing kids.

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