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How Do I Decide if I Need an Assistant or an Integrator?

DS Expert Chat:

How Do I Decide if I Need an Assistant or an Integrator?

We chatted live with Ben Wolf, founder and CEO of Wolf’s Edge Consulting, and Jason Prentice, from Outcomes COO. Together, joined with our CEO Emily Morgan, a variety of knowledge is shared on truly differentiating and dissecting important entrepreneurial ideas!


Ben is a natural-born leader who was a key executive at a mission-driven, technology-powered startup since before it launched. He was its first full-time employee, built up the majority of its operations, was the internal owner of its Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) structure, spearheaded its national expansion, and helped it grow to the largest and fastest-growing organization of its type in the State, all after just three years.

As founder and CEO of Wolf’s Edge Consulting, Ben is an EOS Implementer and a Fractional Integrator (outsourced COO). Through both services, he helps people get what they want from their businesses.

Ben is also the author of Fractional Leadership®: How to Land Executive Talent You Thought Was Out of Reach (summer 2021). You can find out more information about that and get updates on the book release at


Jason is an Integrator for companies running EOS®. He’s a forward-focused Executive with a strong ability to identify opportunities for revenue growth.  

He loves building high-performance teams to accomplish corporate objectives. He’s passionate about identifying and implementing strategies to reduce costs, increase revenue, strengthen customer relationships, improve business practices, and drive profitable growth. Jason is adept at mentoring staff and encouraging a team environment leading to high employee confidence and satisfaction. 

Jason began his career in automotive engineering, traveling and living around the world, working on some of the most popular consumer vehicles on the market. He’s started and sold several businesses ranging from a chain of Subways to a high-end woodworking and furniture business. 

With experience scaling companies, he excels when working with ambitious Visionary’s and Leadership teams to achieve the seemingly unachievable.  With several years of experience practicing EOS, Jason enjoys expertly harmonizing the vision, the tools, and the team to consistently meet and exceed the goals. 

When not working, Jason spends time outdoors and traveling with his wife and two boys. He’s also a certified USA Hockey coach, playing and coaching ice hockey keep him cool during the hot Arizona summers.


If you are looking for an effective way to increase your productivity and leverage your time, delegation is a great place to start! At Delegate, we love helping busy leaders and their teams focus on what they do best and add valuable time back to their lives.


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