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So, I'm Writing a Book!


emilyTGIF and Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! I'm coming off of a high from a week of amazing insights via the EOS Community. Last week, I attended the EOS Conference which was filled with incredible content, and just wrapped another meeting of the Visionary Forum - so I'm filled with overflowing gratitude and excitement. Coincidentally, Delegate recently hit another great milestone and when asked by some of my Visionary friends, what I attribute our growth to (beyond my amazing team), it really is about EOS and the clarity and simplicity it has brought to my business (ty to MOD and MD who have both guided us so well!). If you are thinking about implementing EOS in your business, I'm happy to share my story and introduce you to some amazing Implementers that can help! Drop me a line and we can chat about it. :)

The big news to share is that I am about to write my FIRST BOOK!!!  I've signed up with Scribe and am starting on my journey next week.  My book will be called, "A Culture of Delegation™" and it's all about how delegation is a scalable concept across your business, and a tool you can use to get your team elevated so that everyone is winning.  (Shout out to Darrell over at Convergo for helping me really crystallize this concept!)  I would love to hear any shares you may have around this process if you've written your book.  Will be sharing more on my journey to do this!

Lastly, our ebook, "The Elevation Freedom Guide™" dropped last week and I invite you to check it out and share it with any entreps you know of who are wearing too many hats.  It's built as an execution guide for Visionaries who struggle with not having enough time and are looking to implement a delegation system they can stick with.  It's a passion project for me and ties to our core mission of "creating freedom for people to do what they love and have a big impact."  I'm grateful for the share!


Here's to more freedom!


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