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Just for our Readers - Special Offer: Free Funnel Audit 

1587216199423Recently I met Paul, a self-proclaimed geek, even has those thick black-rimmed glasses. We got talking, and he offered to take a quick look at one of our funnels that wasn’t converting as well as we wanted. Wow, it blew me away; within a few minutes, he showed me 5 different ways we’re losing money in our funnel. You see, the problem was, I was too close to it. 

I asked him if he did this for others. You know, going through and finding where a funnel is essentially bleeding money. He said he prefers to focus on the ‘done for you model’ (he’s helped clients hit a run rate combined of $15,000,000+ over 12 months, you can see why). But after I said how much people need this, we came up with a plan.

He agreed to do a 1-1 funnel audit for 5 people. We calculated a fair investment for this would be $1000 because even if you make one extra $1,000 sale a month from what he shares, you have 12x’d your return every year... Grab your free audit.

A little later, we talked about legacy and helping people change lives. He is passionate about the ripple effect of helping others. It must have hit him emotionally because I got him to agree to do this for 5 people for free. But he did give me a couple of conditions. He wants whoever gets this free gift to get the most value from it. So…

Condition 1: You are already doing $100K+ per month. (Paul said it’s hard to tell you what to change if you haven’t got regular traffic to test the changes)

Condition 2: You sell a course or coaching program. (This is Amplify’s jam, and they will be able to help you much faster)

Condition 3: You drop him a quick video and share the results afterward. (Because he loves celebrating the wins with you and his team)

So if you are doing $100K a month and have an online course, here’s what I want you to do next…

1. Send an email to right now
2. Use the SUBJECT LINE: Funnel audit

And he will reply.

The spots will probably be gone by the end of the day, so I urge you to do this now.


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