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Quickstarts, the World Needs You Elevated!


Welcome to summer! Last week, my son Nathan graduated 8th grade! I am officially the mother of a high-schooler.. who just got his first job working at Mc Donald's! The speed at which life flies by never ceases to blow my mind. All of this transition has made me very reflective recently, and having just closed out Q2 yesterday has compounded that.

I am the leader of an entire team who has an overall average Kolbe of 8823. As a 6762 mediator Kolbe it can sometimes feel like I am dragging my super fact-finding, lower Quickstarts up the hill behind me, and I'm only a 6! ... I'm sure you can relate to this struggle. But let me encourage you, fellow Quickstart, don't let those Fact-Finders discourage you from keeping things moving. The world NEEDS your genius, swiftness, and ability to just do it. Our innate energy to ideate, create and execute is what makes the world a better place. And innovation coupled with execution equals limitless impact. Your ability to elevate yourself out of as much of the execution means you have the energy to keep ideating!

The key is to master the mindsets and habits of an elevated leader and harness those ideas in a way where things get done while not making your execution team crazy. Enter the Elevation Success Scorecard. After more than 14 years of supporting all types of entrepreneurial leaders, we've seen the habits and mindsets that must be present for them to fully elevate themselves. Check out a sneak peek of this new content and see how you score- now free on our website here.

If you find you need extra support with elevating yourself, I have two other resources for you:

1. Our LIVE small group E-Course: The Elevation Quarter™!!! We are now enrolling for our August & September cohorts.

2. If you prefer to do the work on your own, our new free e-workbook The Elevation Freedom Guide™ is filled with great thinking exercises you can use to find new ways to elevate yourself.


Here's to elevating yourself this quarter!



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