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At Delegate, day after day we help clients solve problems.  From something as elaborate as transitioning to a new email provider or something as simple as figuring out how to check mail when you're never home, we are here to troubleshoot complexities and take action to help.  

We've begun compiling these scenarios into what we call our "Solution Studies." These are short, tactical solutions that our team has deployed to help our clients.  We are always adding to this database, but below are some of our faves that might be helpful to you!   Enjoy!

Client Uses Skype to Make International Calls

The Problem

The client, located in Canada, frequently needed to call potential leads. This required him often to delegate the calling off to our team here at Delegate Solutions. However, our team resides in the United States, meaning these calls would become international ones.

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Store All Contacts in One Location

The Problem

No matter the platform, the client needed to have contact information for the same group of contacts. Be it in Outlook or iCal, he required accessibility to the same emails and phone numbers. However, these contacts were spread out across his various accounts. For some of his contacts, he would have to visit their Facebook page for a phone number. For others, the client needed to look up a contact card in Outlook. Needless to say, the problem was having to search multiple sources for one bit of contact information.

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Inconsistent External and Internal Communication

The Problem

The client was struggling with communication on a large-scale level. Between emailing his contractors to writing post it notes for his staff, he was unable to remember or document when he told what to whom. This was leading to communication that both could not be tracked and was not consistent.

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