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At Delegate, day after day we help clients solve problems.  From something as elaborate as transitioning to a new email provider or something as simple as figuring out how to check mail when you're never home, we are here to troubleshoot complexities and take action to help.  

We've begun compiling these scenarios into what we call our "Solution Studies." These are short, tactical solutions that our team has deployed to help our clients.  We are always adding to this database, but below are some of our faves that might be helpful to you!   Enjoy!

Use Automation Agency to Handle All Your Tech Needs

Posted by Emily Morgan on Jun 26, 2019 2:34:05 PM
Emily Morgan

The Problem

Our client, a busy solopreneur, had several rather technical issues he needed addressed by a tech/web-design/branding/marketing expert. He needed some revisions to his website that required coding and extensive back-end expertise, as well as automation from some of the marketing platforms he used. Since the nature of the tasks he needed completed were a bit more “techy”, requiring extensive HTML coding and the like, our team set out to find a solution that would be reliable, fast and high-quality. 

The Solution

Automation Agency is an Australian-based online solution for all things marketing, web, branding, graphic design, and much more. Imagine hiring a graphic designer, a webmaster, a Wordpress developer, a marketing consultant and an automation consultant, and having to meet with them to discuss projects. Sounds expensive, daunting and time-consuming, right? Automation Agency can handle all of those roles, as well as others, all with quick turn-around time and a satisfaction. Starting at $249/month, concierge members get unlimited access to technical and design tasks done by experienced programmers and designers. 


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The Result

Our client can now simply let us know what he needs, and we login to his Automation Agency portal and provide details. Generally speaking, the tasks are done within 24-48 hrs, and if our client is ever at all unhappy with the product, we can resubmit to the same agent to make any necessary changes. Our client’s website is optimized, his marketing platforms are all synced and automated, and he gets the information he needs to keep a pulse on his business with automated reports. 


How We Helped

Once we identified Automation Agency as the solution for our client, we got to work setting up his account (which took all of five minutes). Our client adds the tasks he needs, with details, into our shared Asana account, and our team submits the projects to Automation Agency and handles the follow-up with the agent assigned to the project. The platform is easy to use, and we have had nothing but success using this service. If you have technical/marketing needs, check out Automation Agency today! 


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