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At Delegate, day after day we help clients solve problems.  From something as elaborate as transitioning to a new email provider or something as simple as figuring out how to check mail when you're never home, we are here to troubleshoot complexities and take action to help.  

We've begun compiling these scenarios into what we call our "Solution Studies." These are short, tactical solutions that our team has deployed to help our clients.  We are always adding to this database, but below are some of our faves that might be helpful to you!   Enjoy!

Use Keeper for Password Management

Posted by Emily Morgan on Jan 29, 2020 1:02:12 PM
Emily Morgan

The Problem

A client of ours, a business development consultant, had passwords located in several excel spreadsheets, post-it notes, voice memos, and on napkins, and was constantly having to reset passwords/logins. He needed a better solution. 

The Solution

Keeper is an online password management solution and app designed to keep passwords, secure notes, payment methods, etc. in one place for easy logins from anywhere. Keeper takes cybersecurity seriously and it shows! Users can choose from student plans all the way up to business enterprise plans, starting at just $29.99/year. 


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The Result

No more resetting passwords. Easy logins to all of your stored sites. Safe, secure storage of all your passwords, secure notes and payment methods.

How We Helped

Our team created an account for our client, gathered and loaded in all of his logins to all the platforms he uses regularly, including payment information, secure identity information, etc. He now has the app on his phone and on his computer, and no longer has to reset a password every time he tries to login to anything! 




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