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At Delegate, day after day we help clients solve problems.  From something as elaborate as transitioning to a new email provider or something as simple as figuring out how to check mail when you're never home, we are here to troubleshoot complexities and take action to help.  

We've begun compiling these scenarios into what we call our "Solution Studies." These are short, tactical solutions that our team has deployed to help our clients.  We are always adding to this database, but below are some of our faves that might be helpful to you!   Enjoy!

Use the Breethe App to Chill Out

Posted by Emily Morgan on Apr 23, 2020 10:33:23 AM
Emily Morgan

The Problem

Our client, a busy small business owner who is now facing remote work and social distancing, found himself stressed out and overwhelmed while working from home with his wife and three young children. We wanted to find something to help him stay centered, grounded, and relaxed while facing the unprecedented challenges and unknowns that come along with a global pandemic like COVID19.

The Solution

The Breethe App is specifically designed to combat stress, practice mindfulness, and even get better sleep. The free version comes along with meditations, music, and exercises to prevent overwhelm. The app currently has focused meditation practices specifically related to COVID19, and is constantly updating content to reflect the ongoing changes in our world. There is a premium version (from $39 for 3 months to $149 for 2 years) that unlocks even more content.


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The Result

Our client uses the Breethe App throughout the day as he feels stress mounting, and enjoys the musical selection to keep him focused and on task as he works from home. He reports feeling less anxious, more productive, and even more well-rested, as he has been using the app at bedtime for focused meditation.


How We Helped

After searching for solutions for our client, we came upon the Breethe app and suggested it to him. We sent him the link for easy signup and he was up and running on the app within minutes. Easy to sign up and delivering top-notch content to combat stress and anxiety, and intentional exercises on mindfulness and focus, our client is thrilled with the results!


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