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Team Delegate's Favorite Slack Hacks

Slack is one of t most popular tools for communicating via IM on tasks with your team; They offer both a free and a paid version depending on your needs and budget. We use slack internally at Delegate Solutions AND with our clients and it’s become an indispensable tool! Slack has tons of special features to help with productivity and automations; As we have all moved into working virtually in some capacity over the past 6 months, it’s important to have a communication tool to efficiently work within our teams. Below we share just a few of our favorite Slack Hacks but this is not an exhaustive list by any means!

  • First With Slack, you can connect from ANY device/view messages/communicated wherever you are - I love the slack app for my iPhone and you can always mute notifications when unplugging
  • Keyboard shortcuts - access by typing “ctrl/”
  • App integrations - like Zoom, Google Drive, Dropbox, and our favorite - Google calendar integration [Sends you your daily agenda via slack & also sends a reminder slack message when you have a call/appointment & sets your status to “in a meeting”]
  • Type the (/) in the message field to see a list of quick commands - I love /remind to set reminders! /away to set yourself away, etc.
  • Mute notifications from non-essential channels [You can set the notification of each channel separately by clicking the name of it and choosing the notification preference tab. A pop-up window will appear by which you can adjust separate notifications for desktop and mobile, also can mute them as well if you don’t want to get any of them.]
  • Activate DND on slack when doing deep work
  • At any time, click “All Unreads” to catch up on unread messages
  • Convert important messages into a task/to do list by using “Save” remind me or Asana integration
  • CTRL C+ CTRL V to easily copy/paste web links, text, images into Slack message
  • Slack/Custom Responses [every time someone sends a specific phrase, slack can auto respond with an answer. For ex: if I type "I need the link to the resource library" the Slack custom reply is automated with a direct link to the resource library. We use these custom responses when we get repeat questions of someone looking for a specific resource or information.So it's great to capture and eliminate time spent answering the same questions over and over again

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