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Tools You Need, Employment Law Changes & Tips for Tough Conversations


Tools and Software You Should Be Using in 2019

Tools and Software You Should Be Using in 2019Each decision that supervisors, team leaders, or CEOs make drastically affects the company’s entire ecosystem. A leader should research and test each decision before choosing to move forward. This step is crucial for a company to thrive in competitive markets. The fine folks over at Best Company asked CEOs, managers, and leaders about the tools and software that have proven to work for them. In this power-packed synopsis, these representatives share valuable insights and explain the benefits of using the most up-to-date tools and software in the following categories:

  • Finance tracking
  • Time management
  • Communication platforms
  • Marketing
  • Review generators
  • Research
  • Social media
  • Storage
  • Website design
  • Work on the go
  • Subscription-based services
  • Human resources

These tools have brought companies a greater return on investments, better customer retention, clearer direction, and overall success. Let 2019 be the year your company leverages the power of these tools to find the same success.
Best Company

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Employment Laws to Watch in 2019

Employment law is ever-evolving, and 2019 has ushered in its fair share of changes. Employment laws tend to come in waves, with particular themes for each era. Long ago, child labor was common and legal. A patchwork of state and federal laws was eventually replaced when Congress set minimum age requirements with the Fair Labor Standards Act in 1938.

At the turn of the last century, workers had few legal protections from wage theft or unsafe working conditions. Legislation and unions helped change that.

Today’s employment laws tend to be driven by perceptions of what’s fair to workers. From pay equity to transgender rights to anti-bullying, the pendulum is once again swinging in favor of greater protection of employees.
How will these laws impact your business and industry, and what’s the likelihood that they will further expand in 2019? Check out this great article shedding light on a few major employment law trends sweeping the country. - Insperity




3 Tips to Turn Tough Conversations into Profitable Ones

Tips to Turn Tough Conversations into Profitable OnesAs an entrepreneur, your life becomes easier the moment you realize it's happening one conversation at a time. As soon as this concept fully takes root in your DNA, you instantly get that the quality of your life -- and your business, your relationships, etc. -- is a direct reflection of the quality of your interactions.

The majority of these conversations come and go, but on average, every single entrepreneur engages in six to nine significantly meaningful conversations per day that will influence their future. Sales, marketing, hiring, customer service, innovation and mindset are topics filled with tough conversations. When these tough conversations are navigated successfully, they become highly profitable conversations and yield the results you desire.

Every entrepreneur who navigates tough conversations successfully gets one step closer to living the profitable life they desire. Isn’t it time you lived your most profitable life? Check out this article to learn more! -  Entrepreneur





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