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Top Tips to Schedule Your Day Smarter

DS Expert Chat:

Top Tips to Schedule Your Day Smarter

We chatted live with time analyst, Conrad Ruiz about how you can systematically do more of what matters on a daily basis.


Conrad Ruiz

Conrad Ruiz is a time analyst/consultant for CEOs, early-stage entrepreneurs, & multi-business owners. Educated in business management (Masters) with a background in biomedical engineering (Bachelors), Conrad’s approach to time management is principled towards understanding the entirety of a client’s time, situation, health, and resources through data. By his approach, Conrad consistently helps clients do more of what matters to them on a daily basis.


If you are looking for an effective way to increase your productivity and leverage your time, delegation is a great place to start! At Delegate, we love helping busy leaders and their teams focus on what they do best and add valuable time back to their lives.


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