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Utilize Automation Agency and to Increase Productivity


Automation Agency is an Australian-based online solution for all things marketing, web, branding, graphic design, and much more. Imagine hiring a graphic designer, a webmaster, a Wordpress developer, a marketing consultant and an automation consultant, and having to meet with them to discuss projects. Sounds expensive, daunting and time-consuming, right?


Automation Agency can handle all of those roles, as well as others, all with quick turn-around time and a satisfaction. Starting at $249/month, concierge members get unlimited access to technical and design tasks done by experienced programmers and designers. 

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Webinar Replay: How Your Company Can Run Itself

Emily Morgan, Founder and President of Delegate Solutions, hosted an insider’s workshop on how to improve your company. Emily acts as your speed coach to walk through step by step solutions to allow for delegation and automation to bring your company to the next level. Find out the importance of having good process and the wonders that it can have for scaling YOUR business to ultimately allow your company to run itself!

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4 Ways To Declare Your Independence

All entrepreneurs can remember back to the days when we had a 9-5 job, a boss, a steady paycheck and lots of PTO.  We left that life behind in search of independence, risk with reward, and a spirit of “why can’t I?” So how is it that now instead we work 7-7, have to manage complicated staff relations ourselves, our paycheck is variable, and PTO is laughable at best?  This “job” that we have created for ourselves is compromising our independence and what we fought so fiercely for.

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CEO Intervention: Save Your Summer

5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Business Moving While Still Enjoying Your Summer

Drums please!  Summer, summer, summertime!  Time to sit back and unwind!  To me, it’s never officially summer until I hear The Fresh Prince’s summer anthem, Summertime! Summer is meant to be savored and enjoyed, but I can’t tell you how many entrepreneurs I speak to each week who share that they haven’t had a day off in months, or that they are working 16 hours a day, with no time for anyone or anything except their business.  

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Process Builds Trust

How to Match the Pitch to the Deliverable.. At Scale

You know the game.  You hire an “expert” external resource to fill a gap, help you accomplish something important by way of their expertise, only to find out that the pitch doesn’t match the deliverable.  So where is the disconnect? I believe it comes down to one thing: Solid Process. Lack of process is chaos.  Lack of process holds us back from differentiating ourselves and most importantly, it keeps us from becoming a scalable company.  

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Get to Know Ecommerce Automation Expert Rob Wray!


Meet Rob! Rob is the CEO of Whitebox. He is is obsessed with making Whitebox the best it can be so innovators like you can grow your businesses. 


Whitebox is an entire ecommerce operation in a single package.  If you're a dreamer, a creator, or an innovator making amazing products, Whitebox will help you focus on what you do best. We’ll handle all aspects of online sales for you, from product listings to fulfillment. By combining all functions of the ecommerce process into one service, Whitebox makes it easy for manufacturers and brands to scale to a global level, while shrinking overhead.  

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To Infinity and Beyond…


For many years now, Delegate has been focusing on how to make life and business more efficient for all. This starts with defining what efficiency means to each individual on a personal level. It starts with asking yourself – what makes me more efficient?

For some, it could mean more time for focus activities or client calls. For others, it may mean more time for family and friends, or team meetings to boost morale. It’s about finding the proper balance of life and work that will create high efficiency and give you a greater competitive advantage.

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