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Utilize Google Keep and Foxit to Increase Productivity


Google Keep is a note-taking service that offers a variety of tools for taking notes, including text, lists, images, and audio. Users can set reminders, which are integrated with Google Now. Notes can be color-coded, and labels can be applied for organization. Added functionality includes location-based reminders, for example the ability to pull up a grocery list when you get to the store, the ability to pin notes, and to collaborate on notes with other Keep users in real-time. Users can also quickly filter and search for notes by color or by other attributes. Keep is available in a web version, Chrome extension and with mobile apps available for Android and iOS. 

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Delight the Customer


Happy Friday!  I'm finally back in the office after back to back travel and a nasty virus in between!  I had the amazing opportunity a few weeks back to attend the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Alumni Summit down in DC.  It was jam-packed with entrepreneurial superstars like Richard Branson, Tyler Perry and Warren Buffet alongside legislators like Bloomberg, Rubio and Scott. 

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Utilize Drag and Android 8.0 Oreo to Increase Productivity


Drag is an app that organizes your inbox and transforms your Gmail into organized lists like Trello.  Designed to be super-simple, clean, and self-explanatory with features such as customized columns, notes, checklists and team boards. It's all easy to use and in a really clean way. 

Drag doesn't want to override the way you use Gmail but instead support the current way you use Gmail. The app enables you to visually map your workflow, drag and drop your emails between stages; To Do, Doing and Done until they’re complete. It makes the hours spent in your inbox a whole lot easier and more organized.

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Upcoming EO Webinar


Leverage your time and your manpower: Harness the power of strategic remote support at any phase of your business!

We will explore the various support resources available to you, and share a clear strategy for how to best delegate across mediums to remote support.

We will discuss delegation strategy and identify detailed examples of the kinds of things that can be delegated to remote teams effectively, and how best to do so. You will leave this presentation with confidence around how to engage with these resources and how to leverage their time and results for yourself and even your team.

Participants will learn:
1. How to understand the opportunities, differences and benefits of engaging remote support
2. The varying options of remote support that are available and how best to utilize
3. Delegation best practices when working with remote or in person teams

About the Speaker
Emily Morgan helps entrepreneurs and executives strategically clear their plates so they can focus on what they love! She is the founder of Delegate Solutions, a Strategic Support Firm and the designer of the “Delegate Method” which helps entrepreneurs identify areas of their business they can delegate or automate for maximum efficiency. She's helped hundreds of entrepreneurs master delegation and design systems to support and grow their awesome businesses! This year alone, her team cleared nearly 10,000 hours of tasks off the plates of overwhelmed business owners.

Emily speaks nationally on the topic of virtual teams and delegation. She’s been featured in the NY Times, NBC News and Martha Stewart Radio, and was recruited to develop a leading Virtual Assistant Training Program for an East-Coast college consortium where she personally developed two courses on virtual entrepreneurship. She is a Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses alum, and is an alumnae of UPenn. She also serves locally as a Board Member for the Economic Development Committee in Voorhees, NJ where she resides.

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