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Too Much Buffering? How to Structure Your Time, Systems and Accountability for Better Focus

The definition of a good Buffer Day is a day focused in preparation for upcoming Focus Days.  True “Buffer” Days are meant to be spent on delegations, putting out fires and working on the business so that when Focus Days come, we have the capabilities in place to truly focus.  Without careful planning though, every day can quickly become a Buffer Day, ever creeping into our focus time.

Growth takes a backseat because the majority of time is spent cleaning up urgent messes rather than focusing generating new revenue.  A friend of mine refers to this place in business as “Marshmallowland;” a place where time stands still and we operate in a chronic state of trying to move forward, but stuck in a sticky, grabby mess that keeps us immobilized and bouncing around endlessly in our business.   

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12 Ways Your Support Team Can Execute an Awesome Top 20 KIT Strategy

In my work with leaders, one area that most have commitment to, but lack execution with iskeeping in meaningful touch with their Top 20.  The solution lies in a delegated, repeatable, simple process all designed to leverage you!  Our process can get you 80% leveraged so that you are left to focus on the most important 20% of your Top 20 program.

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