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Utilize Anyword and SOS Inventory to Increase Productivity


Take the guesswork out of copywriting with the help of AI. Anyword is a powerful AI engine for generating copy to drive conversions. Anyword’s AI copy generator was trained on $250M worth of ad spend, using data from some of the world’s leading brands.

The platform is unique as it utilizes multiple language models along with its own proprietary models to create a platform that is built to bring in real results. Generate or improve on ideas for social media posts, ads, website pages and emails. Anyword’s Predictive Performance Score shows you what’s most likely to work, cutting down testing costs and saving time and resources.

Anyword accelerates workflows by generating multiple marketing copy variations at scale so you can get more done and move on. Different channels require different messaging so Anyword’s AI Copywriting Platform lets you generate messages that are tailored to specific platforms, and helps you perfect them so the right people take notice.

Anyword also lets you brainstorm text variations and messages and helps you come up with ideas, even if your brain is drawing a blank. Available as a free 7 day trial after which the Starter plan is $19 per month. Pro, Premium and Custom plans are also available and include more advanced features. 

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Utilize Holopod and Descript to Increase Productivity


Always have an accurate Slack status with Holopod.
Holopod automatically manages your status, syncs with your calendar, your vacation and office hours, and ensures your team knows your status. It reduces distractions and helps teams collaborate more effectively. Deliberately plan uninterrupted blocks of focus time, collaboration time, and self-care to make sure every day is your most productive. Your status will automatically update based on your plan for the day. Snooze notifications when you need to focus. Choose which statuses will trigger do-not-disturb on Slack to focus without FOMO.

Your team will know you're heads down, and you won't be bombarded by dings. Get insights into your day. What makes a great day for you? Holopod provides insights into how you're spending your time - including how much focus time, and how much time in meetings. Holopod builds a personal work profile that helps you optimize for your best days at work. Also available for desktop but for Mac only right now. Currently Holopod is $25/mo for teams of 10 ($2.50/user/month), and $50/mo for larger teams that need some additional features and onboarding help. It's completely free to trial for 1 month, with unlimited seats. -

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Utilize PhotoMath and Descript to Increase Productivity


Are your kiddos among the huge percentage of students going back to school remotely? How long has it been since you’ve done 7th grade math? We’ve got your back! PhotoMath is a free app that is every parent’s math angel!

Available on Apple and Android devices, what we LOVE about PhotoMath is that it not only lets you scan a math problem to get an answer- it actually walks you through the steps so your student can learn how to reach the correct answer. Check out PhotoMath today!

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Utilize RocketReach and Google Podcasts to Increase Productivity


RocketReach is a handy web-based tool that helps users find email addresses and social media links for professionals. An extension for the Chrome browser is also available. RocketReach is made up of a combination of tools that look for email addresses both from a company’s domain name and for specific people.

By simply entering a name or LinkedIn profile URL into the search bar users are presented with possible email addresses and social media links associated for that person. You can also enter a company name to have RocketReach return the standard email formatting for an organization. There is a free plan that gives three lookups per month or upgraded paid plans that offer more monthly lookups. All paid plans include 24/7 support, CRM integration, the ability to export results to CSV, bulk lookups and API access.

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Add More Automation to Your 2018!

Happy New Year

As we close out 2017, and look forward to 2018, streamlining our business is always at the top of the goal list for entrepreneurs.  I had the opportunity to chat with Shannon Waller of Strategic Coach about all of our favorite technology that you can easily deploy to automate your business.  Check out the FREE recording below!


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