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Our TOP 3 tips to clear your bottlenecks around delegation!

1 - Start small, build confidence.  Focus on compartmentalizing larger tasks and projects into small parts to build your own confidence around delegation. Do you want to hand off your calendar scheduling?


Don’t get overwhelmed by the big picture of doing so; instead segment it out.  Ask yourself which part of my schedule could be most easily delegated or automated? Perhaps a first small step is to deploy a scheduling tool for your internal team meetings only.  Just this shift alone will help you add framework to your day by creating specific blocks of time you are available to meet, and it takes the back and forth out of when to meet.   Grab the small wins! It still equates to time saved, and you’ll build confidence in this phase.

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CEO Intervention: Save Your Summer

5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Business Moving While Still Enjoying Your Summer

Drums please!  Summer, summer, summertime!  Time to sit back and unwind!  To me, it’s never officially summer until I hear The Fresh Prince’s summer anthem, Summertime! Summer is meant to be savored and enjoyed, but I can’t tell you how many entrepreneurs I speak to each week who share that they haven’t had a day off in months, or that they are working 16 hours a day, with no time for anyone or anything except their business.  

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7 Jul 2017,
Posted by Emily Morgan

Scheduling Assistance

Entrepreneurs have a busy schedule, and sometimes it can feel overwhelming.  Delegating your calendar can help relieve a huge amount of stress. It also frees up your time to work on building your business. However, if your schedule is super busy, scheduling can take up a lot of your assistant’s time, when he/she could also be focusing on other priorities.  Scheduling apps can help schedule meetings without a ton of back-and-forth emails, freeing up everyone’s time.  It’s easy with the apps below to link your calendar to the app, and begin using the scheduling link.

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