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Utilize Fireflies and Eventable to Increase Productivity


Fireflies makes it easy to record, transcribe, and organize all your team’s meetings in one place and works across any web-conferencing platform. Whether it’s important sales calls, recruiting interviews, or team meetings, they got you covered!

It's easy to invite the Fireflies video conferencing bot to your meetings to record and share conversations. With Fireflies you can transcribe live meetings or audio files that you upload and skim the transcripts while listening to the audio afterwards. You can also add comments or mark specific parts of calls to quickly collaborate with teammates on important moments from your conversations. Fireflies integrate with many of the apps and web services you use every day. Their English transcription system is trained specifically for conversations & meetings across a wide variety of industries and accents. Fireflies is said to pass key accuracy benchmarks and has a 90% accuracy for most types of meetings.

Fireflies pricing starts with a free plan which includes shareable links and 3,000 minutes of team storage. The Pro plan is $10/month and allows you to transcribe meetings and audio files. It also includes 8,000 minutes of team storage. The Business plan provides everything included in the lower based plans and more for $19/month and it includes unlimited storage. For those who require even more functionality, the Enterprise plan is available for a custom price and includes a dedicated account manager.

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Utilize PandaDoc and Brand24 to Increase Productivity


PandaDoc empowers fast-moving teams with the ability to take control of their document process while providing a more personalized business interaction. Create stunning proposals, interactive quotes, or contracts in minutes with PandaDoc’s drag and drop editor and one-click uploads. Collect signatures for accepting a proposal or signing a contract on any device. Simplify approvals and negotiations by enabling painless collaboration with internal and external reviewers with approval flows, redlining, version tracking, and commenting. Keep docs moving forward with easy access to all documents in a single location and reminders to follow up. It’s easy to try it out with a 14-day free trial.

PandaDoc pricing starts with a free account to upload and send documents or upgrade to an Essentials account for $19 per month/user which adds templates, drag and drop document editing capabilities, document analytics and 24/7 email/chat support. For an even more robust experience, PandaDoc for the Business plan is $49 per month/user and allows integrations with your CRM and Zapier, custom branding, bulk send, and approval workflows. 

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The Importance of Diversity in the Workplace


Diversity in the Workplace

Here’s a quick read about Aflac’s success of celebrating women in the workplace and the benefits of diversity amongst any organization. Here are the highlights:

Great businesses thrive on diverse workforces, as women founders and senior executives know firsthand. Diversity starts with hiring practices, but extends to creating a culture of inclusion in which diverse backgrounds and viewpoints are embraced.Diversity also requires addressing the unique, practical issues of women at every level in the workplace. A key piece is offering benefits packages that meet women's needs, freeing them from worry so they can focus their full attention on work.

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Utilize RocketReach and Google Podcasts to Increase Productivity


RocketReach is a handy web-based tool that helps users find email addresses and social media links for professionals. An extension for the Chrome browser is also available. RocketReach is made up of a combination of tools that look for email addresses both from a company’s domain name and for specific people.

By simply entering a name or LinkedIn profile URL into the search bar users are presented with possible email addresses and social media links associated for that person. You can also enter a company name to have RocketReach return the standard email formatting for an organization. There is a free plan that gives three lookups per month or upgraded paid plans that offer more monthly lookups. All paid plans include 24/7 support, CRM integration, the ability to export results to CSV, bulk lookups and API access.

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5 Benefits of Working with Bloggers

Blog communication dataThese days it seems like all brands have a blogger as their best friend!When a blogger that has influence is ready to collaborate in social spaces, that means a lot bigger audience reach, real influence, and more sales.

Bloggers are becoming the new well placed ad -- and because they’re human, they have a lot more influence. We’ve compiled the 5 best reasons your business should be working with bloggers, and why bloggers are a key piece of telling your brand's story!

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Delegate’s Marketing Trends and Predictions 2017

An important part of our work at Delegate Solutions is monitoring and anticipating trends in social media and how best to market working with those changes. Now that 2016 is history, we’re here to announce our predictions for marketing trends in 2017 and how we plan to be on the cutting edge of those trends and changes in an ever-evolving digital space. So read on to find out what we’re anticipating for 2017 and how we’re preparing to continue to be one of the best agencies in the creative industry today.

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5 Signs You Need Delegate’s Social Media Team

It’s easy enough to think anyone can run social media for your brand or company since it’s such an ingrained part of our daily lives and culture now. Afterall, it’s not like there’s a degree in it yet (or is there?).

We understand your hesitation to invest in social properly, but we’re here to provide you with 5 signposts for that crucial time when you have to finally admit you need a social media team.

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Facebook Pixel Tips

We definitely get it, the Facebook Pixel can be incredibly intimidating. We’re here to break it down for you step-by-step to make the process of getting your Facebook Pixel up and running as simple as possible. Facebook recently switched from multiple conversion pixels to just one, the Facebook Pixel.

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5 Signs You Need a Social Media Team


It’s easy enough to think anyone can run social media for your brand or company since it’s such an ingrained part of our daily lives and culture now. After all, it’s not like there’s a degree in it yet (or is there?).
We understand your hesitation to invest in social properly, but we’re here to provide you with 5 sign posts for that crucial time when you have to finally admit you need a social media team.


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Know | Twelve, June 2014

5 Jun 2014,
Posted by DelegateSolutions

Google Apps Users Can Now Get End-to-End Email Encryption. Google has announced a new partnership that will bring full-scale encryption to Google Apps. Working with email data protection company Zix, Google has launched a new commercial product for Google Apps accounts dubbed Google Apps Message Encryption (GAME). Although Google already supports secure, encrypted messages within its servers, email messages sent to other systems are not encrypted. Organizations or users can use various workarounds to add PGP (public-key cryptography) to their messages, but those solutions are poorly assembled and not ideal for an organization with lots of users. With GAME, Google and Zix are hoping to change that. GAME is available for $35 a year per user and allows Google Apps admins to configure encryption settings and routes from the Google Apps dashboard. For regulated industries, encrypted communications are an important part of doing business. GAME works natively with the Google Apps, which was not always the case. For organizations that need to send end-to-end encrypted messages, having an option built directly into Google Apps is a great feature. Though not available now, this option may eventually trickle-down to traditional Gmail users.

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