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There Is No Traction® Without Assistance

If you’re running EOS® (the Entrepreneur’s Operating System) in your business, you have experienced first hand how beneficial it can be to your company’s growth. Like all learning tools and systems, to really gain strong Traction®, the challenge lies in supporting your team on the ground level with the day-to-day execution and implementation of EOS® principles. Even though your team may welcome the changes EOS® brings and adopt the system, the secret to success is really the consistency and commitment to delegate accordingly.

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CEO Intervention: Save Your Summer

5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Business Moving While Still Enjoying Your Summer

Drums please!  Summer, summer, summertime!  Time to sit back and unwind!  To me, it’s never officially summer until I hear The Fresh Prince’s summer anthem, Summertime! Summer is meant to be savored and enjoyed, but I can’t tell you how many entrepreneurs I speak to each week who share that they haven’t had a day off in months, or that they are working 16 hours a day, with no time for anyone or anything except their business.  

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