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How to Move From Make it Up to Make it Real


TGIF, Happy Friday and happy Independence Day!

As Visionaries, our greatest contribution is our ability to see our companies as globally as possible. We are uniquely able to understand and prioritize the most pressing needs, and then design creative solutions to to move forward.

I don't know how this process typically works for you, but for me it's typically super-organic and instinctual. Once we identify the problem, I give myself the space to creatively think about how we might solve it. Or sometimes, I'm not even thinking about it at all, and the answer suddenly just comes to me. What a feeling, right? :)

The challenge then lies in how to take this idea and model it, build it, test it and roll it out. This is where our team can become a true complement to our abilities. I follow a simple process to make my ideas real:

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How To LOVE Your Work

HELLO | TWELVE, january 2019


Happy Friday and February to you! It's the month of love and there's not much that can top the fulfilling feeling of doing work that inspires you. One of my favorite entrepreneurial thought leaders, Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach® teaches that "the most successful people are those who have learned how to focus on and leverage their unique strengths. In other words, they build their lives around their abilities, not their disabilities." He began talking about his realizations as “Unique Ability®," the essence of what you love to do and naturally do best.

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There Is No Traction® Without Assistance

If you’re running EOS® (the Entrepreneur’s Operating System) in your business, you have experienced first hand how beneficial it can be to your company’s growth. Like all learning tools and systems, to really gain strong Traction®, the challenge lies in supporting your team on the ground level with the day-to-day execution and implementation of EOS® principles. Even though your team may welcome the changes EOS® brings and adopt the system, the secret to success is really the consistency and commitment to delegate accordingly.

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12 Ways Your Support Team Can Execute an Awesome Top 20 KIT Strategy

In my work with leaders, one area that most have commitment to, but lack execution with iskeeping in meaningful touch with their Top 20.  The solution lies in a delegated, repeatable, simple process all designed to leverage you!  Our process can get you 80% leveraged so that you are left to focus on the most important 20% of your Top 20 program.

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