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LIVE CHAT REPLAY: Who Not How - Overcoming Obstacles


Who Not How: Overcoming Obstacles

In our last event, we shared about the Strategic Coach concept of "WhoNotHow"™ and how to apply this in real life. We looked at the tools and processes you can use to make great hiring decisions to make your delegation dreams to your next WHO come true and shared a few of our favorite success stories.

In this encore 30-minute live chat, our panel of experts continue the conversation. This chat is for you if:

  • You're getting stuck on how to budget for your next WHO
  • You're looking for more clarity to ensure you make the best possible WHO hire
  • You aren't clear on which WHO hire you want to make next
  • You're out of time and "hitting the ceiling" when it comes to thinking through your next steps to your WHO
  • You're struggling with what and how to hand things off effectively to your WHO

You will gain a deeper understanding of:

  • The fundamentals of the WhoNotHow concept
  • The best practices available on technologies and techniques for hiring and delegation success
  • How to create a system for results so that you are not relying on an individual

Our panelists are seasoned experts on …

  • Strategic Coach concepts and tools
  • Delegation strategy and systems
  • Fractional workforces
  • Hiring Superstars



Shannon Waller; Director and Teamwork Coach at Strategic Coach®

Shannon Waller Shannon Waller is a passionate expert on entrepreneurial teams. With Strategic Coach® since 1991, she’s the creator of The Entrepreneurial Team® Program, a parallel program for team members of Coach clients that focuses on fostering a winning Entrepreneurial Attitude in its participants. A key decision-maker at Strategic Coach and a recognized entrepreneurial team expert, Shannon is a sought-after speaker, presenter, and coach. She’s a Kolbe Certified* Consultant, and the 2015 recipient of the Kolbe Professional Award for individual leadership in building conative excellence. She also co-authored the bestselling book Unique Ability® 2.0: Discovery, is author of The Team Success Handbook and, most recently, wrote Multiplication By Subtraction.

Emily Morgan; CEO & Founder, Delegate Solutions

Emily Morgan - Delegate SolutionsEmily Morgan and her remote team help leaders and their teams to strategically clear their plates so they can focus on higher impact activities! She is the founder of Delegate Solutions, a Strategic Support(TM) Firm and the designer of the “Delegate Method” which helps leaders identify areas of their work they can delegate or automate for maximum efficiency. She’s helped hundreds of busy entrepreneurial leaders master delegation and design systems to support and grow their awesome businesses! This year alone, her team has cleared nearly 30,000 hours of tasks off the plates of overwhelmed business owners.

Emily speaks nationally on the topic of virtual business, delegation, remote workforces and flexwork culture. She’s been featured in Forbes, Inc., HuffPo, NY Times, NBC News and Martha Stewart Radio. She is a Goldman Sachs 10kSB alum and is a graduate of UPenn. Delegate Solutions recently ranked among the top 100 fastest-growing companies in Philly.


Alec Broadfoot; CEO, VisionSpark

Alec BroadfootAlec Broadfoot is a successful entrepreneur and business owner who adds value to companies by helping them make critical hiring decisions with significant bottom-line impact. For those familiar with EOS® companies’ structure, Alec is our Visionary. He is passionate about EOS and often evangelizes about EOS to VisionSpark clients.

Through VisionSpark, Alec engages mid-market companies across the country in hiring training, key leader searches, behavioral interviewing, and personality assessments. He has become a trusted, sought-after resource for business owners and leaders who want to improve their hiring practices and employ top performers. Having established himself as a strategic hiring expert in Columbus and across the Midwest, Alec frequently gives presentations on better hiring processes.








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